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Sault Ste. Marie May 25th 2:30PM

GFL Memorial Gardens

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Backdraft Toy Trucks

Toy Backdraft Trucks

Email [email protected] for information and ordering of our NEW Toy Backdraft Trucks.

Backdraft Toy Trucks

Ride a Monster Truck

General Hazzard | Backdraft

Ride Trucks

Our ride truck are specially constructed replicas of our competition trucks that we built for the express purpose of giving rides to fans. We do events such as corporate functions, carnivals, fairs, etc where we may be from one day to a week or more. Riders get the thrills of monster truck competition from a vehicle designed with safety first in mind.

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Xtreme Monster Sports at your Event

If you would like to learn more about having one or all of our monster trucks make an appearance at your event or to book the trucks for a performance or to give rides please call or email Xtreme Monster Sports Inc.

Phone: (717) 870-4155

Email: [email protected]

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