Trucks driven: General Hazzard, Xmaxx and Tiger Shark, Backdraft

Ty Cornelius Jr
General Hazzard

Ty Cornelius Jr<br> <span style="font-size: .8em;">General Hazzard</span>

Started with Xtreme Monster Sports 4 years ago, crewing and driving our Ride Truck. He eventually took his seat in General Hazzard where he is quickly building his reputation as an extremely competitive driver in this industry.

In 2018-2019 season he claimed overall points champion in the Traxxas Monster Truck Tour as well as winning overall event champion with Hot Wheels tour in Winnipeg.2022 Ty proudly moved into our newest truck Backdraft the anniversary edition dreamed “BacknBlack”. This truck is to allow us to help you remember and appreciate our lives even more after 9/11 and to continue with our support on creating awareness of the decline in Volunteer Fire Fighting.

Xtreme Monster Sports

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