Trucks Driven: Instigator, Muddy Girl, General Hazzard, Backdraft , Boneshaker (Hot Wheels), Project Backflip (Quick Motorsports)

Paul Breaud
(Backdraft / Owner of Xtreme Monster Sports Inc)

Paul Breaud<br> <span style="font-size: .8em;">(Backdraft / Owner of Xtreme Monster Sports Inc)</span>

Coming from a Mud racing background.

Owner and driver with more than 9 years experience and countless wins and championships under his belt. He has raced for some of the largest names in the business from Monster Jam, Traxxas Monster Truck Tour, Toughest Monster Truck Tour.

Paul continues to provide the thrill and allow his fans to enjoy his smooth and skillful driving technique . He prides himself that from his vision upon creating this company to allow himself and his employees to not only work hard but play hard while racing safely at each show. His number one priority is ensuring the safety of his crew and the fans which means constant maintenance on his trucks. When either running for another promoter or providing a show that Xtreme Monster Sports Inc is promoting, everything and everyone involved feels safe and has fun.

Xtreme Monster Sports

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